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Faculty-Led Programs

This is a list of current UTSA Faculty-Led programs. Click the name of the program to see more information. Check back regularly as the page is updated on an ongoing basis.

Summer 2018

Chinese Language and Culture in Xi'an - deadline 3/1/18 
Electrical Engineering in Shanghai, China - deadline 2/22/18 
Japan: Where Traditions and Modernism Intersect - closed
Modern Alternative Energy in Beijing, China - closed
Public Health/Epidemiology Internship in China - closed
Summer at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies (KUFS) - Japan - closed

Language and Culture in La Rioja, Spain - closed
Modern Languages in Berlin - closed
Modern Languages in France - deadline 3/15/18 
Philosophy and Classics in Greece - closed
Public Policy in Spain - closed

Latin America
Belize Summer Field School in Archeology - deadline 3/1/18 
Counseling in Oaxaca, Mexico - deadline 3/1/18 
Geography Field Course in Mexico - deadline 3/1/18 
History and Culture of Oaxaca - deadline 3/1/18 
Honors Sustainable Living in Costa Rica - closed
Modern Languages in Costa Rica - deadline 3/15/18 
Multilingual Mexico: The Linguistic, Cultural and Educational Spaces of Oaxaca - deadline 3/1/18 

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