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International Education Fund

 The University of Texas at San Antonio offers scholarships to students studying abroad through the International Education Fund.

These scholarships range from $300 to $3,600 per student. Applications are evaluated by the UTSA International Education Financial Aid Committee.

Applications are assessed on the overall quality of the application, the letter of reference, financial need and how well the chosen program matches a student’s degree plan at UTSA.


  • Undergraduate students must have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA; graduate students must have a cumulative 3.0. Students must provide evidence of a university-level GPA in order to apply.
  • Enrollment (taking classes) as a UTSA student the semester prior to, and during, the international program. Summer enrollment is not required.
  • Students must be receiving credit toward a UTSA degree as a part of their program of study abroad.
  • Students who receive funds from the International Education Fund must comply with all regulations and policies established by the Office of International Programs at UTSA. You must complete necessary paperwork to ensure your status at UTSA while you are away and complete a report about your program upon your return.

October 15 for spring
February 15 for summer
March 15 for fall

Complete Application

In order to receive full consideration, applications must consist of:
  • Completed application form. (It is located under the Scholarships tab within this site.)
  • An official budget statement and price breakdown from the provider or UTSA department offering the program.
  • A budget information sheet indicating how you will cover costs not met by the International Education Financial Aid Fund.
  • Compose an essay in which you discuss the program you want to attend, what courses you will be taking and how they relate to your major, whether you will be taking courses in a foreign language (or studying a foreign language), and how participating in this program will benefit you in your chosen career, or future studies. Also discuss your personal qualifications, language training (if applicable) and how this program will help you meet your goals.
  • Reference form to be completed by a UTSA professor who has taught you.
All components of the application must be submitted together.
You may request amounts in the range of $300-$3,600, however, few awards will be as large as $3,600. The committee will not consider your application if you do not indicate how you will pay for any expenses that exceed the amount you have requested.

Please note: Your budget should not list any of the following expenses:
  • Entertainment
  • Film or film developing
  • Souvenirs, incidentals (e.g. toothpaste, soap)
  • Tuition for course work taken primarily on the UTSA campus.

Due to limited resources and the great demand for financial assistance through this fund, the committee must limit awards by abiding by the priorities set for making awards.

Applicants will be notified of results via e-mail within 30 days of application deadline. Late applications cannot be accepted.

Selection Criteria

Merit vs. Need: Both merit and need are integral considerations for this award.
Grade Point Average:  Minimum grade point average is 2.5 for Undergraduate Applicants, 3.0 for Graduate Applicants. In general, students with a higher GPA will be given preference.
Award Amounts and Program Lengths: In general, longer length programs will be given higher awards. Award amounts will be made based on the following guidelines (mitigated by other factors such as number of applications, available funding, etc.):
  • 20 days or less (less than three weeks) $300 to $900
  • 21 days to 42 days (three to six weeks) $300 to $1,200
  • 43 days to 84 days (six to twelve weeks) $400 to $1,800
  • 85 days or more (more than twelve weeks) $800 to $3,600
Quality of Essay: Essays will be evaluated on the content of the student’s presentation of academic goals and plan. Clarity and logic of ideas presented should also be considered.
Reference Letter and Form: Reviewers will evaluate the overall rating on the Reference Form, and the level of support indicated by the Faculty Letter of Reference. Letters should address specifically why the student is a good candidate for the study abroad proposed, as opposed to being general in nature. References must be from a professor at UTSA who has taught you.
Letters of reference will not be accepted from faculty who are
1) Serving on the scholarship committee
2) Participating in (or leading) the program for which the student is applying.
Verification of Financial Need:  All applications will be reviewed for financial need, based on input from the Financial Aid Office at UTSA. The total cost of the program will be evaluated against the funds already available to each individual student. Other college or department provided funding for study abroad should be considered.
Types of Programs: The committee should provide fair and equal consideration to all study abroad programs, regardless of their destination, design, origin or sponsorship.


  • Students who can best explain how the program fits into their plan of study
  • Students with higher GPAs than minimum requirements
  • Semester (fall or spring) or longer length programs
  • Students with demonstrated financial need
  • First-time applicants to the International Education Fund